Value Resorts at Disney World

There are five different value resorts to choose from at Disney World. All of them are an awesome alternative for big families or people on a budget because, while they still have many of the typical Disney amenities and they all share the magical environment that goes with staying at Disney, they are not nearly as expensive as their more upscale brothers. The five resorts in this category are the All Star trio (Sports, Movies and Music), Pop Century and Art of Animation. The three All Star resorts are relatively similar to each other and are very thematic, so if you are not looking for something specifically like that, you might have a better experience choosing one of the other two. They are also a few years older than the Pop Century and Art of Animation resorts, and that shows sometimes in the installations.

Out of the three All Stars, All Star Sports is your best choice. It is closer to the parks, so the bus rides are shorter and more widely available, the food court was renovated in 2013 and has a better menu than the other ones and is generally better than the other two. Pop Century was an all-time favorite until Art of Animation opened, but it is still definitely worth a visit. It is less expensive than its successor and kids seem to love its decoration. Finally, the Art of Animation resort has both value priced rooms at The Little Mermaid section and family suites that could get out of your budget, if you are looking to save some money. The food court and the pool make a great difference in this hotel, which is also much more recent than the previous ones, so it has more amenities and is in better general conditions.


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