Disney’s Contemporary Resort Murals


ImageEarly on in Walt Disney World history, the complex was to include, primarily: five resort hotels, the Magic Kingdom park and a golf course. The closest resort to Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary Resort, was originally to be named the Tempo Bay Resort Hotel; Roy Disney fought against it and insisted on keeping the working title, stating,

I just don’t like it. I like Contemporary. I like names that are simple and say what they are. The other name is phony and plastic.

This gorgeous, 6-wall, 90-foot mural design at Disney’s Contemporary Resort can be seen from the monorail. It was created by Disney legend Mary Blair, who worked as an Imagineer and animator. Its design and creation took over a year and a half and is made up of over 18,000 hand-painted square-foot tiles. It was lovingly put in place and completed in 1971 and has been there ever since, a welcome sight for guests.

wall 5footgoatsThere is a fun hidden story behind one of the characters, as well: a five-legged goat. The official reason, taught to all cast members in training, is that it is an intentional imperfection to symbolize that nothing manmade can be perfect; that although the Cast Members strive to do their best, they are only human.

Aside from the mural, there was an important moment in history that took place in this resort’s ballroom: Richard Nixon’s famous “I am not a crook” speech took place on November 17, 1973.


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