Fun Stuff to Do at the Resorts!

Just as the Disney parks are magical, so are the Disney themed resort hotels. There are many extraordinary sights to be seen at each of the resorts, including epic pools, magnificent lobbies complete with fountains, photo opportunities, and even tours! But don’t feel like spending exuberant amounts of money to check out the sights and the Disney resorts? No worries! I’ll let you know how to get in and get your exploration on.

If you’re already having a good time at the parks, you can always take a free detour to any of the resorts via the Disney transportation system. Buses are provided through all four parks.That probably doesn’t sound like a worthy trip when you’re already at the Disney parks, but if you’ve already seen everything, this side trip is definitely worth it! Alternatively, if you’d rather go to check out the resorts on a day you’re not having fun at the park, you can get free 3 hour parking permits from the gate attendants at the resorts.

So, you’ve figured out how to get to the Disney resorts, what can you expect to find once you get there? Plenty! While going into the pools requires a reservation at the resorts, you can still check out the beautiful designs. Coronado Springs looks like Mayan ruins, Stormalong Bay has a pool that includes a “shipwreck,” and the Wilderness Lodge starts off in the lobby. goes through a bridge, and includes a waterfall! The resorts also include plenty of photo opportunities,. like a 35-foot Buzz Lightyear. And, if you do decide to stay at one, you can get free tours at ALL the resorts!

So if you have the time, be sure to check out the wonderful and creative sights of the Disney World resorts!


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