Getting Sun at Disney World Resorts

Even when spending the day in water, it can be easy to forget to stay hydrated (and you definitely shouldn’t be drinking the pool water to do so!) Here are some facts about hydration, and how to stay hydrated through your day.

First off, water is the most important part of your health. Your body is roughly 60% water, and maintaining that percentage is key to staying hydrated. It’s easy to lose a lot of water when sweating throughout the day, and the summer heat can definitely drain you of your precious water. Lack of hydration can lead to serious medical conditions, including headaches and heat strokes.

Knowing the importance of water, you should make sure to keep drinking down some fresh water. Water fountains are usually located near restroom facilities. If you want to avoid spending lots of money on expensive bottled water at the resort, then bring your own canteens. You can even refill them at the fountains.  Sports drinks work well too, like Gatorade. You can also hydrate by eating certain foods, such as fruits and vegetables: celery, lettuce, and watermelons are big ones.

Finally, avoid alcohol, as it can easily dehydrate you. Sodas may not be a good option either, and salty foods can really dehydrate you.

Hopefully this information will be helpful to you. Fun times in the water are great, but make sure to stay hydrated out there!

Here’s some info on what to do to treat sunburns, found on the Orlando Vacation Store blog (CLICK HERE).


Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort: A Favorite



I’ve loved this hotel since I was a child. The small pond just outside the entrance, filled with large koi fish and flowers. The beautiful waterfall centerpiece in the lobby, often inhabited by exotic birds, the flowers constantly changing per season. During the winter holidays, poinsettias line the centerpiece, and decorate a small Christmas tree. I used to pick out candy on the second floor, rock candy and chocolate coins, lollipops and candy necklaces. There are shops and restaurants and, most importantly, the second floor holds a monorail stop that will take guests to the Grand Floridian Resort, the Contemporary Resort, and Magic Kingdom (among other stops). I love looking out the window and watching weddings in progress under the pavilion, complete with Cinderella’s horse-drawn carriage.

Arriving at Magic Kingdom, the crowds move down the path to the entrance, a sea of colorful hats, strollers, balloons, and excitement. The monorails float by in a flurry of bright and pastel stripes. It’s a case of the journey there building the mood to the destination.

Select Disney Resorts and Hotels Will Offer Free Dining Plan This Fall

Disney World often has great deals in the fall, or as it’s better known, Disney’s off season. Because this is the time of the year when the least amount of guests visit the theme parks (Summer vacation is over and that is a huge factor for tourism in Orlando) the parks are less hot, less crowded and more affordable. 

When guests buy a (non-discounted) six night/seven day “Magic Your Way” package at select hotels, the Disney Dining Plan will be tacked on for free. If you were already planning to stay on-site, consider staying at one of the included hotels in the offer. (I will share the list of hotels once it is released) Yes, I am saying you can eat for free at all the Disney parks when you choose this option. Here are the dates for the offer: 

  • August 31 to October 3, 2014
  • October 26 to November 1, 2014
  • November 9 to November 20, 2014
  • December 12 to December 23, 2014

The Disney dining plan’s different price levels include different restaurants based on the level of resort you book. (deluxe, moderate or value). For example, If you stay at a value hotel you can be qualified for the lower tier dining plan, which includes only quick service meals and snacks (sit-down dining will have to be paid for separately). Even on the lowest tier, the Quick-Service dining plan is valid at over 50 locations at Walt Disney World.  This is a great deal- so keep your options open!